Five-Year Plan

A series of Five Year Plans has guided GSCI and its staff in its work.

The first 5-Year Plan, Coming Together to Heal Ourselves, was prepared in 1992 and defined the overall vision for GSCI.

This was followed by Into the Next Millennium, which was prepared in 1996 and was more project-oriented. It described the projects completed since GSCI came into existence, projects that were being worked on or planned to start during the first year of the plan, and projects that were projected into 2001.

The most recent 5-Year Plan, Iindo Khehlok Tr'eedah: Moving Forward As One it outlines how GSCI should continue to document, preserve and promote Gwich'in culture and language through further oral history, language, traditional knowledge, place names and other ethnographic research. The plan also outlines how increased responsibilities associated with heritage resource management obligations and language renewal can be met.

To view or download copies of our Five-Year Plans, please see the References section under our publications pages.