The images in this library were largely taken during GSCI research projects by staff or individuals involved in our research. These are a small selection of the more than 5,000 photographs currently on file. We hope to make more available in the future as we digitize our photo collection. Please note that the photographs included in the History section may also come from Archival and/or published works not generated by GSCI. Please credit the photographer and source of all photographs as indicated.

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Photo credit: Ingrid Kritsch, GSCI.
Category: People

George Niditchie preparing tea along the Arctic Red River at Eltyin Choo Chihvyàh K’ìt during the Gwichya Gwich'in Place Names Project, 1993.

Thomas Andrews
Category: Clothing

Charles (Chas) Saddington, Brandon Albert, Adolphus Lennie, Ryan Moore and Ryan Vittrekwa modelling the replicated traditional caribou skin clothing at the unveiling ceremony at the Prince of...

Engraving by Alexander Hunter Murray
Category: History

Winter Lodges of the Kootchin [Gwich'in], 1847-48.  Original sketch by Alexander Murray, in "Journal of the Yukon", 1847-48.  Colour lithograph by M&N Hanhart in Richardson, John, "...

William Kush Viteetshìk (East Seela Creek). Photo credit: Ingrid Kritsch, GSCI
Category: Places

Aerial view of William Kush Viteetshìk (East Seela Creek). Photo taken during the 1999 Tombstone Oral History Project, a partnership between GSCI, Teetl'it Gwich'in Council, Tr'ondek Hwech'in and...

Ingrid Kritsch
Category: People

Hannah Alexie travelling on the back of the sled during the trip between Fort McPherson and Mayo in March 1998.

Eric Damkjar, GSCI
Category: Archaeology

Yvonne Andre, Celina Jerome, Brenda Kendo and Jenny Andre with Nap and Annie Nortbert at the Gwich'in Science Camp (Martin Zheh Ethno-Archaeology Field School) excavation in 1995.

Photo credit: Melanie Fafard.
Category: Places

The village at Eight Miles (Nataiinlaii) in the fall.

Ingrid Kritsch
Category: Places

View of the Blackstone River valley with cabin remains in the foreground at Ts’ok Ìitl’in. Georgette McLeod walking in the background. Photo taken during the 1999 Tombstone Oral History Project, a...

Ingrid Kritsch
Category: Places

Cabins at the Mouth of the Peel Village.
  Photo taken during the 1996 Delta Science Camp.

Alma Cardinal, GSCI
Category: Places

Chii Gho’ Tł’ąįį and the Flats (in the foreground) at Tsiigehtchic