GSCI Annual Report, 2006/2007

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GSCI Annual Report, 2006/2007

Heritage and Cultural Research
* Arctic Red River Headwaters Project: Phase II & III
* Gwich’in Clothing Project Community Exhibits, continued
* Ehdiitat Gwich’in Place Names Verification Project
* Ehdiitat Gwich’in Territorial Historic Site Nomination Project – Knut Lang’s Place
* Ehdiitat Gwich’in Heritage Sites: Potential Heritage Conservation Zones
* GIS work
* Dene Nation Mapping Project – Phase II
* Land Use Permits, Development and License Applications
* Mackenzie River Canadian Heritage River Nomination, continued
* Repatriating Traditional Gwich’in Skills and Knowledge workshop
* Teetl’it Gwich’in Googwandak, continuation
* Vik’ooyendik (Church Hill) Territorial Historic Site Nomination Project
* Revision and expansion of: Gwichya Gwich’in Googwandak – The History and Stories of the Gwichya Gwich’in As Told by the Elders of Tsiigehtshik (2007)

Gwich’in Language Plan Projects
* Gwich’in Language Dictionary – 6th edition
* Gwich’in Elders’ Biographies, continuation
* Gwich’in Community Language Classes

Gwich’in Language Centre
* Second Language Curriculum
* Local Radio Programmeing/CKLB-FM Language Lessons
* Videotaping Community Events
* Recording Elders Hymns in Teetl’it Gwich’in dialect

* Update on Staff
* GSCI Five Year Plan