Gwich'in History and Culture

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$29.95, and Gwich'in chapter available for download

"Gwich'in History and Culture." In: Canada's Western Arctic Including the Dempster Highway, pp. 211-222. Edited by Scott Black, Georgina Montgomery & Alan Fehr.

Published by Western Arctic Handbook Committee, 2002, 350pp
The chapter entitled, "Gwich'in History and Culture" was written by Ingrid Kritsch and Alestine Andre and is one of nine chapters in this guide book. It is available for download, below.  The guide covers all of the NWT and Yukon above the Arctic Circle and includes chapters on the history of the Gwich'in and Inuvialuit, and natural history information about topics such as permafrost, the Mackenzie Delta, and the plants and animals that inhabit the Western Arctic. Also included are maps and detailed guides to all nine communities in the region, as well as descriptions of the territorial and federal parks, and heritage and historical sites. This book can be ordered through the Yellowknife Book Cellar at 1-800-944-6029 toll free, (867)920-2220 phone, (867)873-6105 fax; OR Boreal Books (Inuvik) (867)777-3748 phone, (867)777-4429 fax.