Gwich’in Traditional Knowledge

Gwich’in Traditional Knowledge has been a focus of numerous research projects since 1993. Gwich’in traditional knowledge (sometimes called traditional knowledge, traditional ecological knowledge, Aboriginal traditional knowledge, or many other terms) is both a knowledge system and a body of in-depth information.  It is rooted in the use of the Gwich’in lands and resources in a traditional, respectful, and ongoing way. This information is generously shared by Gwich’in harvesters and Elders and summarized in reports. The types of knowledge collected includes information about animal behaviour and biology, plants, climate, rivers and lakes, fish, habitat, complex natural systems, migration, seasonal changes, and many other topics.

For many of these projects, the Elders and harvesters participate in interviews and verification workshops, where they share information and work together with researchers to ensure the way the information is presented in the reports is accurate and whole. The resulting reports have been used in environmental impact assessments and for species at risk processes.