8. Chigwaazraii

Photo credit: Dave Jones, Gwich'in Lands and Resources, GTC.
Official Name: 
Mount Goodenough
This place name refers to the frontal part of the mountain called Mount Goodenough which is located in the southern part of the Aklavik Range of the Richardson Mountains.
Literal translation: 
Chigwaazraii = Black coloured mountain

This name refers to a prominent mountain located southwest of the present-day community of Aklavik. There are many stories associated with this mountain including one about the legendary Gwich’in cultural hero Atachuukaii who was known as a great traveller and adventurer. The area around Chigwaazraii i has long been used by the Ehdiitat Gwich’in in Aklavik for berry picking, fishing and hunting caribou, moose, and Dall’s sheep.