Ok Choo

3. Ok Choo

John Carmichael at his camp at Ok Choo extracting otoliths from charr he has caught as part of a charr monitoring program. Photo credit: Dolly Carmichael.
Official Name: 
This place is located on the Husky Channel, east of Jurassic Butte, locally called Black Mountain.
Literal translation: 
Ok = eddy, Choo = big

Aklavik elders Mary Kendi, Annie Benoit, Dolly McLeod, and Catherine Semple, have described this place as an important fishing area. Many different types of fish can be found here and runs of Dolly Varden Charr occur in fall. It is believed to be an old time camping spot as there are many old camp signs in the area. John Carmichael’s parents used to stay in the area, and he has a camp here now. An old time hunting trail leads into the mountains from here. Mary Kendi described this trail as being the shortest overland route from Husky Channel to the mountains.