13. Srehtadhadląįį

Official Name: 
Point Separation
This place name refers to the area where the Mackenzie River separates into three main channels which then flow through an area known as the "Mackenzie Delta."
Literal translation: 
Srehtadhadląįį = water separates

This place is located about ten miles downstream from the community of Tsiigehtchic and is the gateway to the Mackenzie Delta. This is where the Mackenzie River opens up for a distance of almost three miles and separates into the East Channel, Middle Channel and the main channel. In the summer, this wide expanse of water is subject to high winds causing large waves and making travel by boat through this area treacherous. According to Hyacinthe and Gabe Andre, the Arctic Ocean used to extend as far south as Point Separation. Hunters travel to the islands below this point for ducks and geese in the spring and moose in the fall. It is in this area that John Franklin put up a cache of food and supplies in 1826 for John Richardson who was exploring and mapping the Arctic Coast.